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love wide band elastic for underwear
wide band elastic for bralettes
wide band elastic for sport bras
wide band elastic for men underwear, boxers
Costura Secret Shop

Love Blue and Pink - Wide Band Elastic

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New elastics are stock up in the shop. These ones are really soft and had a good strength in it and recovery, at the same time. We offer 2 different colors:

★ Pink.
★ Blue.

* Perfect for bralette bands, sport top bands, men's underwear.
* Price is per 1 meter (1.09 YDS)
* Width = 4 cm or 1.57".
* This time is LIMITED EDITION! But if it flies soon, I will try to stock it as a regular item
* There are more LOVE band elastics in the shop with different finishes (gold, silver, etc). Check it out if you are interested!

* If you order more than 1 qty, the elastic will come in a continuous piece.