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Maris Bralette. My handmade bra with zebra tropical mesh.

madalynne maris bralette

Hello everyone!

I am really sorry for the delay writing this post. With Christmas around the corner, shipping your orders and planning new things coming to the shop and blog, I do not have almost time to sleep! 😄


As you could already see on my Instagram account @costurasecretshop , I sewed a new bralette for my own handmade lingerie collection. This time, it was the turn of the Maris Bralette from Madalynne Intimates. It was high time for me to make one of this because I love its deep V-shape and the metal closure you could use at the front. 



The designer explained that the idea of coming up with it came from different reasons: 

  1. No matter what size you wear, we all deserve to show off a sexy deep V bralette. In my opinion, this idea is just brilliant. It is a design-inclusive pattern for everyone! 
  2. Bralettes are normally designed over a B Cup. This bralette has a three part cup, which enables to increase the length and width if you have more volume. That means that the pattern can get up to an E-F Cup and a 4XL band size. The cross-cup seam and the vertical seam are great to expand the range size. 
Maris bralette patrón sujetador Madalynne
  1. Some women have trouble hooking a bralette in their backs, due to problems with mobility and others find also difficult to pull a bralette over their heads. Therefore, Maddie thought that a front back closure would be the best option for them. And that is the reason behind this design detail on the front.

These, among others, are the main reasons for the beautiful design of the Maris Bralette Pattern. Let´s check below my Maris Bra, fabrics and result! 



One of the best things about this pattern, at least for me, is that you can sew it just using your sewing machine. In the pattern, it is indicated that the serger can be used on the top back band and bottom band to give it a more professional look. As where I sew is a small appartment and I need to have it clean, my sewing machine and serger are on a wardrobe. So, for this time, I decided to go just with the sewing machine for not having a mess around me 😊. I can promise that the result is incredible. However, with the help of a serger, you will achieve a more commercial look!


Maris Bralette. Madalynne. Costura Secret Shop


This bralette needs just straight stitch and zig zag stitch from your normal sewing machine. Straight stitch is used to join the 3 part cup piece, to place the chanelling on the sides, to make the bra straps and to place the front clasp to the bottom elastic band. 

Although it is not said in the pattern, I advised you to machine baste the fabrics of the upper bralette cup, as they tend to move a bit when placing the FOE. When I do this technique, I just adjust the length of the stitch up to 5.0 (which is the maximum on my sewing machine). If it helps you, use a contrast color thread so that you do not forget to take those stitches out when the FOE is attached. 




The rest of the sewing of this bralette involves the zig zag stitch. In particular, you use it when applying FOE and the top elastic on the top back band and, in general, to all the bottom band elastic. Simply put, if you already master the mentioned stitches and you control tension on elastics, you have all done!

I frequently get asked about the right amount of tension applied to FOE. On this bra is specially important to control it around the V-shape area, so that it does not curve a lot. This ability comes with practice, it is all I can say. But try no to pull too much on the V-shape area, my advice. 



My size for this bra is XL. The supplies that I choose, according to the pattern, are the following:

  1. Pink Lycra Fabric. For the lower bralette cups. This fabric was a small piece I had from long in my stash! 
  2. Zebra and tropical printed stretch mesh. This is from my shop. You can find it clicking HERE
  3. White Powernet. Also from this shop. I lined all the cups and the back band with it. I wanted a lot of support so that´s why I used it for all the bralette lining. You can find it by clicking HERE. The pattern emphasizes that for the larger sizes, it is advisable to use this fabric. If you have a smaller size, then, it is better to use stretch mesh instead. If you want to buy it, please, click directly HERE.
  4. Band Elastic in White. I used a 30 mm one. Available in my shop HERE.
  5. Elastic to stabilize the top back band. Madalynne uses a 1 inch = 2,5 cm elastic. However, I used a 2cm strap elastic and I have altered the pattern there to adapt this elastic width. My elastic is this one HERE.
  6. 12mm White Satin Strap Elastic. Available HERE.
  7. Fold Over Elastic in White. Check its characteristics HERE.
  8. 15mm Silver Bra Rings and 12mm Silver Bra Sliders. You can purchase them HERE.
  9. Metal Bikini Clasp. Mine is 25mm size. Available HERE. It is true that the bottom band elastic measures 5mm more than the clasp. Nevertheless, I could insert the elastic in the clasp because it is almost nothing that folds on the edges of the clasp. You can see it on the following picture. 




I am delighted with my new bralette! The powernet lining offers a lot of support and the contrast between cup fabrics is cool. Even so, in order to compare, I would like to sew another Maris using stretch mesh as lining. I am also thinking of removing the front clasp and substitute it for just the bottom elastic band. I will let you know about this new project, hopefully soon 😜 

Maris Bralette Madalynne Costura Secret Shop


The back part is also very pretty. The color contrast of the elastics and the stretch mesh is lovely. For my next Maris, I will reduce the distance between straps by 1,5 cm. What I mean is that I will put them closer to the center back, because they are quite appart.


Maris Bralette Madalynne Costura Secret Shop


On the interior, as you can see, it is perfectly encased and finished, and just by using a conventional sewing machine! 


Maris Bralette Madalynne Costura Secret Shop


On the sides, I just applied chanelling elastic in order to avoid any bending for the daily use. I did not insert the plastic boning on the chanelling, because with the stability provided by the chanelling is enough for me. I did not want it to be more rigid. But you can totally use it, if you need it! 


Maris Bralette Madalynne Costura Secret Shop


And last but not least, I show you how it fits me. Personally I love the V-shape on me because of my décolletage. Additionally, the front clasp makes it very classy. I strongly recommend to try out this pattern, you will not be deceived by it! You can purchase the pattern from Madalynne website, by clicking HERE.



By the way, excuse this last picture. I had to take it with my phone camera and a selfie stick. The front camera of my phone is broken and it creates this halo of mist around 😅.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that it helped you at some point with the sewing techniques and other aspects of this bralette. If you have any comments, question or you would like to share your experience sewing it, I am all ears! Leave your comment below. I would love to hear from you all! 




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